The tour lasts 4 - 5 hours

The Tasting Tour of the Old City lasts 4-5 hours. The tour can be extended to include parts of the “A Maze of a City” tour. During or after the tour visitors can take lunch in the Old City or elsewhere. There is an extra fee for the tastings. The Old City of Jerusalem offers a rich and diverse culinary experience. This tour provides an opportunity to try just a few of the typical tastes of the area. We will stop by the traditional Jerusalem “bagels” seller and try a piece dipped in fragrant Za’atar herbs (from the Oregano family). Soon after we will surely run into one of the merchants offering freshly-squeezed fruit juice.
As we munch away and stroll on, we will hear stories about the Old City and the power struggles and conflicts that have always raged in this area. Soon we will find ourselves in the land of humus and falafel. Here, too, we will taste samples of each. A special stop on this tour is the Austrian Hospice (opened as a guest house to the public more than 150 years ago).After enjoying the wonderful view from the roof, we will sit in the garden and enjoy freshly-baked strudel made according to a recipe straight from Vienna. After a short rest, we will continue toward the cherry on the icing of Oriental desserts: Knafeh. Warm, sweet, tasty… and however much you eat, you’ll always come away wanting just a little more. We will end our tour at one of the popular spice stores in the Old City. We can choose some spices or herbs to take home, and at the same time hear a fascinating lesson about the different items on offer.

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Other Tours

A Maze of a City

This is an easy and comfortable walking tour that usually lasts 5-6 hours, including lunch in one of the very many Old City restaurants. Jaffa Gate is our starting point.

Rehavia – The Landscapes of My Childhood

This is an easy and comfortable walking tour of the streets and alleyways of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Rehavia. The tour usually takes 3 to 3½ hours. Participants can enjoy lunch at the end of the tour in Rehavia or elsewhere.

Walking the Line

This easy and comfortable walking tour takes 3-3½ hours. We begin at Turjeman Post, which was once a military border post along the no-man’s land on the dividing line between East and West Jerusalem – Israel and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.